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God Sent Us Email $9.99USD
 God Sent Us Email
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God is the theme in the latest Shlock Rock release which is 52 minutes long and contains 13 songs, half of them parody and half original. Recorded in Jerusalem but with a definite American Rock and Roll flavor Lenny and Shlock Rock sing about Spirituality, Israel, the Sabbath and much more! There are also biographical songs about the Baal Shem Tov and a rap song about our Matriarch Rachel which features Etan G The Jewish Rapper. This album also contains two comedy tracks one of them being "The Shlock Rock Hora" a 12 song Jewish Hora featuring Pop tunes of today ala Weird Al's Polkas. Finally, Shlock Rock 21 marks the return of "The Kraz", who writes and performs the shtick with Lenny for his first mainstream Shlock Rock appearance since 1989. This mix of spirituality and fun makes God Sent Us Email a must for everyone

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Track List  
Turn To God  | View lyricListen here
God Sent Us Email  | View lyricListen here
It's Not a Matter of Sight  | View lyricListen here
I Got My Shabbos  | View lyricListen here
He Brought The Light  | View lyricListen here
She Cries Out  | View lyricListen here
The Shlock Rock Hora  | View lyricListen here
Spiritual DVD  | View lyricListen here
Ready For Your Words  | View lyricListen here
Making the Minyan Now  | View lyricListen here
Come Home  | View lyricListen here
The Flame - Shalhevet's Song  | View lyricListen here
Learning to Dance The Hora  | View lyricListen here

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