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A Shabbat in Liverpool $9.99USD
 A Shabbat in Liverpool
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The album that we have been waiting for! 60 minutes of music. 21 tracks. Shabbat set to the Beatles. Now you can sing Shalom Aleichem, Kiddush, Havdallah and many many more Shabbat Songs and prayers to the music of the Fab 4. A Shabbat in Liverpool will give you spiritual and musical joy as you prepare for the Sabbath and any time of the week as well! This is the thirty second release from Shlock Rock since 1986 and Learning is Good.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 August, 2010.


Track List  
Shalom AleichemListen here
Eishet ChayilListen here
Lecha DodiListen here
V'shamruListen here
VayechuluListen here
YigdalListen here
Menucha VisimchaListen here
Kah Ribon OlamListen here
Tzur MesheloListen here
Shir HamaalotListen here
Kel AdonListen here
NekadeshListen here
Mussaf KedushaListen here
Mussaf Kedushah AlternateListen here
Ein KelokeinuListen here
V'shamru Kiddush Shabbat LunchListen here
Yom Zeh MechubadListen here
Askinu SeudasaListen here
Mizmor L'davidListen here
Yedid NefeshListen here
HavdalahListen here

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