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Under the Chupah is still being sung at weddings today and Wash This Way paved the way for Etan G?s Jewish rap career. Elvis makes his Shlock debut and there are cameo appearances from Eric Clapton and Falco. Released in February 1987.

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Track List  
Throwing It All Away  | View lyricListen here
Achashverosh  | View lyricListen here
All Shook Up  | View lyricListen here
Under the Chuppah  | View lyricListen here
Tefillah  | View lyricListen here
Go To Shul  | View lyricListen here
Learning Dance  | View lyricListen here
Amen  | View lyricListen here
We Believe  | View lyricListen here
Choni HaMagil  | View lyricListen here
Wash This Way  | View lyricListen here

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