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Osher V'Osher $9.99USD
 Osher V'Osher
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The latest greatest original Hebrew CD. . The product contains 49 minutes worth of music with 12 songs in Hebrew and 1 song in English. The album was recorded in Israel and features prodigy drummer Shaaltiel David on Drums as well as world reknown guitarist Avi Singolda. There is also a duet with Lenny and Chassidic Star Shlomo Katz. The English song is a remake of Mordechai Ben David's classic Someday, which was a song Lenny used to play with the band at NCSY convention's in the 80's. Another pleasant surprise on this CD is the musical debut's of Lenny's two oldest daughters. Oldest daughter Ayelet plays keyboard on the title track Osher V'Osher and second daughter Tamar plays flute on an instrumental piece called Energy and a Hebrew song called Achakeh Lo. Check it out. This CD will leave you energized!

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Track List  
Laasot  | View lyricListen here
Yevarechicha  | View lyricListen here
Osher v Osher  | View lyricListen here
Shma Koleinu  | View lyricListen here
Energy  | View lyricListen here
Shezava  | View lyricListen here
Achake Lo  | View lyricListen here
Elu v Elu  | View lyricListen here
Lecha Hashem  | View lyricListen here
Someday  | View lyricListen here
Halelu  | View lyricListen here
Ana Bikoach  | View lyricListen here
Tzion B'Rachamim  | View lyricListen here

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