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Album Simchat Chaim $8.00USD
 Album Simchat Chaim
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The 37th album of Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock! A fantastic hebrew release including favorites such as Ashrecha, Simchat Chaim, Bichol Yom Sheyavo, Am Yisrael Lanetzach. Has received critical acclaim and lots of airplay on Jewish Radio stations! Here is a track list!

Track 1 - Hod ViHadar - Written by Rabbi Joey Friedman of Kesher Fame. This song is a stylization of the Cars from the 1980's! Vocalists are Lenny Solomon, Naftali Kalfa and Itz Pay!
Track 2 - Ein Adir - The traditional Sephardi Tune - Sung by Lenny, Naftali and Itz Pay. Special appearance on Percussion by Yoni Sharon
Track 3 - Ashrecha - Absolutely breathtaking Ballad. Music written by Lenny and the words by Ophir Dor. Sung by Lenny and Naftali
Track 4 - Simchat Chaim - Title Track written by Lenny and Ophir Dor and sung by Lenny, Naftali and Itz Pay
Track 5 - Bichol Yom Sheyavo - A Fabulous rendition of Stairway to Heaven in Hebrew. Lenny has taken the original song by Led Zeppelin and put three different sets of verses to it. This is the number one song on Internet radio from this album!
Track 6 - Ma Mufla - An amazing amazing cover of the song What a Wonderful World This would be by Sam Cooke. It is actually a hebrew translation of the song done by the most talented Galit Crammer Bar Tuv. You will be blown away by the beauty of this track!
Track 7 - Am Yisrael Lanetzach - Written by Lenny in Israel during the war in the Summer of 2014, there is a beautiful video on You Tube of this song as well. Features a cameo appearance by Guitarist Menachem Herman!
Track 8 - Shir LeYehonatan - Written after Jonathan Pollard had been in jail 25 years, Lenny recorded this with his daughter Tamar Solomon playing flute and Ayelet Solomon engineering. A beautiful haunting song.
Track 9 - Tni Li Yad - Music written by Lenny and the words by the amazing Shira Goodman back in 2000 when Lenny and Shira were submitting this song for Eurovision. It did not get accepted but should have! Rock out to this great song!
Track 10 - Itz Pay sings the entire Ein Adir with more of a Sephardi mix!

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