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Derech Ha'Or $9.99USD
 Derech Ha'Or
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Lenny Solomon has recorded thirteen new Hebrew songs and has sung them with his daughters three and four, Avigayil and Shani. His second daughter Tamar played flute on two songs as well. This album is enjoyable for the entire family! Famous Israeli Guitarist Avi Singolda played all the guitars on the project. Shlock Rock Hall of Famer Mark Skier played Bass Guitar and Eli Farkas did an outstanding job on the drums. The album also features Avraham Berk on Trumpet and Background Vocals. Amit Golan, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered the project! You will thoroughly enjoy the songs and whether you are 3 or 80 the music and singing will speak to you!

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Track List  
Yafeh Talmud Torah  | View lyricListen here
Ribono Shel Olam  | View lyricListen here
Himnon Orot  | View lyricListen here
Ayin Tova  | View lyricListen here
Yismach Moshe  | View lyricListen here
Hinay Mah Tov  | View lyricListen here
Al Tadin  | View lyricListen here
Aseh Lecha Rav  | View lyricListen here
Torah Tziva  | View lyricListen here
Ki Visimcha  | View lyricListen here
Tefilah Matana  | View lyricListen here
Zacharti Lach  | View lyricListen here
Nigun 3Listen here


Song Lyric   
Ribono Shel Olam


Ribono Shel Olam, Ribono Shel Olam
Yehi Ratzon Milfanecha Kel Rachum Vichanun
Sheh Tizkeh Li Hayom Uívichol Yom
Lishmor Pi Uhl-shoni Melashon Hara UíMerechilot

Lo Adaber, Lo Al Adam Yechidi
ViLo Al Klal Yisrael
Vi Lo Eshma, ViLo Ah-Amin
Et Divrei Lashon Ha-rah

Vi Azaher MiDaber Divrei Sheker
Chanufah Leitzanut
Machloket Ka-as Ga-avah
Ona-at Devarim Halbanat Panim
Vi-Chol Ha-di-burim Ha-asurim

Vi-Zakeini Sheh Ani Adaber
Rak Diburim Sheh Ani Tzricha
Li-Inyanei Gufi Oh Nafshi, Gufi Oh Nafshi
Vi-Sheh-yih-yu Chol Ma-asai Vi-chol Di-bu-rai
Li-Shame Shamayim Ė Amen

Master of the Universe
May it be thy will G-d who is mercy and gracious
That I should have the merit today and all days
To watch my mouth and my tongue from evil speech and slander

I will not talk, not about an individual or about the people of Israel
And I will not hear and I will not believe words of evil talk

And I will be careful not to speak false words
Words of sacrilege and facetiousness,
Words of argument, anger and haughtiness
Abusive words, words that embarrass,
And all forbidden conversation

And I should have merit that I should speak
Just words that I need for my needs
Both material and spiritual
And all my deeds and speech should be for
The sake of Heaven, Amen!

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