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Derech Ha'Or $9.99USD
 Derech Ha'Or
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Lenny Solomon has recorded thirteen new Hebrew songs and has sung them with his daughters three and four, Avigayil and Shani. His second daughter Tamar played flute on two songs as well. This album is enjoyable for the entire family! Famous Israeli Guitarist Avi Singolda played all the guitars on the project. Shlock Rock Hall of Famer Mark Skier played Bass Guitar and Eli Farkas did an outstanding job on the drums. The album also features Avraham Berk on Trumpet and Background Vocals. Amit Golan, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered the project! You will thoroughly enjoy the songs and whether you are 3 or 80 the music and singing will speak to you!

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Track List  
Yafeh Talmud Torah  | View lyricListen here
Ribono Shel Olam  | View lyricListen here
Himnon Orot  | View lyricListen here
Ayin Tova  | View lyricListen here
Yismach Moshe  | View lyricListen here
Hinay Mah Tov  | View lyricListen here
Al Tadin  | View lyricListen here
Aseh Lecha Rav  | View lyricListen here
Torah Tziva  | View lyricListen here
Ki Visimcha  | View lyricListen here
Tefilah Matana  | View lyricListen here
Zacharti Lach  | View lyricListen here
Nigun 3Listen here


Song Lyric   
Yismach Moshe


Yismach Moshe Bi-Matnat Chelko
Ki Ev-ed Ne-eman Ka-ra-ata Lo
K’lil Tif-eret Bi-Rosho Na-ta-ta Lo

Shabbat, Yom Kedusha, Yom Menucha
Ain Avoda, Ain Milacha,
Ragua, Yadua, Paam Achat BaShavuah
Mutar Lanuach BaYom HaShevii
MiKol Melachto Asher Asa
Kum LiKrat Shabbat Hamalka
Lecha Dodi Likraat Kallah
Shabbat – Eizeh Chavayah

Shabbat, HaShemesh Yored, Hadlakat Nerot
Shalom Aleichem Notnim Berachot
Malachim Milavim Mistaklim Bachalonot
Kiddush Hamotzie Seudat Shabbat
Basar ViDagim Vichol Matamim
Yom Zeh Michubad MiKol Hayamim
Achilah Shetiyah Neshama Yetairah
Shabbat – Eizeh Chavayah

Shabbat, Bet Knesset, Taanug, Shalom Zachar
Minyan Mukdam, Al Tehi Me’Uchar
Seudah Sheni, Kef Gadol
Ha’Orchim Baim Higiya Zman Leechol
Shomer Shabbat, HaShabbat Shomer Aleinu
Shomer Shabbat, Mashiach Bah Bizmaneinu
Sharim Smeichim Lomdim Torah
Shabbat Eizeh Chavayah

Shabbat, Shiur Shel Harav, Tefilat Mincha
Seudah Shelishit, Od Meat Havdallah
Mizmor LiDavid Shalosh Peamim
Yedid Nefesh, ViOd Kamah Minhagim
HaShavuah Matchil, Acharei Arvit
Machar Aniach Tefillin, Betfillat Shacharit
Aval Al Tidag HaShavuah Habah
Shabbat – Eizeh Chavayah

Moses rejoiced in the gift of his portion
That you called him a faithful servant
A crown of splendor you placed on his head

The Shabbat, a day of holiness a day of rest,
No labor, no work,
Relax, it is known one day of the week
You are allowed to rest on the seventh
Day from all the work that you have done
Come let’s greet the Sabbath Bride
Come my beloved to greet the Bride
The Shabbat – What a great experience!

The Shabbat, the sun is setting, lighting of the candles
Sing Shalom Aleichem, give blessings
The angels escort us and look in the windows
We say Kiddush, make the Motzie,
Have the first Shabbat meal.
Meat and fish and all tasty things,
This day is honored amongst all days
Eating, drinking, we receive an extra soul
The Shabbat – What a great experience!

The Shabbat Synagogue is fun, There is a shalom zachar
Early minyan, don’t be late
Second Shabbat meal, what great fun
The guests are coming it is time to eat
Keep the Shabbat and the Shabbat will keep us
Keep Shabbat Mashiach comes in its time
Singing, happiness, learning Torah
The Shabbat – What a great experience!

The Shabbat The Rabbi’s class Afternoon prayer service
The third Shabbat meal soon we will make Havdalah
Sing A psalm to David three times
Yedid Nefesh and other customs
The week begins anew after Shabbat
Tomorrow I will put on Tefillin at the Shacharit service
But don’t worry cause next week -
The Shabbat – What a great experience!

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