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Minyan Man - Shlockapella $1.00USD
 Minyan Man - Shlockapella
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This beautiful rendition of the Shlock Rock classic Minyan Man is a collaboration between The Maccabeats and Lenny Solomon. This song will send shivers down your spine. Written by Victor Shine in 1986 the song first appeared on the album Jewish Pride in March 1987. It quickly became a favorite and is arguably one of the most popular Shlock Rock songs ever. This version of minyan man is written to honor the memory of Rav Dovid Winiarz z"L who was taken from this world in January 2015 leaving behind his wife Miriam and ten beautiful children. He was a fantastic husband, father and role model and loved all Jews! May he be a great representative for his family and all of the Jewish people!

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