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Rock Moshiach/ B'itah Achishena $9.99USD
 Rock Moshiach/ B'itah Achishena
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Hebrew Top 40 at it's best!! Recorded in Jerusalem, Lenny just released this album and the title track B'itah Achishena is already at number 1 in the Israeli charts! 12 Songs all in Hebrew with words from the Tanach, Siddur and Tehillim. Using the best musicians in Israel this product will give you major listening pleasure!!!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 August, 2002.


Track List  
Yoshev  | View lyricListen here
S'u Marom  | View lyricListen here
B'itah Achishenah  | View lyricListen here
Yechadshayhu  | View lyricListen here
Vachai Bahem  | View lyricListen here
Boee B'shalom  | View lyricListen here
Rak Mashiach  | View lyricListen here
T'ka Bshofar  | View lyricListen here
Achas Shoalti  | View lyricListen here
Chag Ha-Succot  | View lyricListen here
Elokai  | View lyricListen here
Tzidkatcha  | View lyricListen here


Song Lyric   
Rak Mashiach


Zeh Lo Taloi B'manhigut, Zeh Taloi rak banu Lo Somchim al Hamidiniut Rak Ma sheblibeinu Acharei Alpayim Shana Kibalnu B'chazarah Et Artzeinu Hakedosha Achshav Haikar Litzok Lamarom u'livakesh Mahakel B'kol Ram Chorus: Rock Mashiach Yavee Shalom B'mizrach Tzafon Maarav V'darom Kulam Yakiru et Hamakom V'Mashiach Yavee Shalom Rock Mashiach Yavee Shalom B'mizrach Tzafon Maarav Vidarom Im Tirtzu Az Zeh Lo Chalom V'Mashiach Yavee Shalom Kol Yom Ro'im hachadashot Od Lo Avru Hazmanim Hakashim Kulam Rotzim Pitronot V'anachnu Addayin michapsim Kvar Lo Zman Lachshov, Vlo zman Linom Anchnu Tzrichim Ezra Az Nisa et einenu el hamromim V'nizak Tzaaka gedola...Chorus Az Kulanu naamod byachad Vnichyeh vnitgaber Bahava she nivneit beinenu Nakum Vnitorer It does not depend on the leadership It depends on us. We do not rely on policy just what's in our hearts After 2000 years we got back the holy land
Now the important thing is to scream to the heavens
and ask God in a loud voice

Only Moshiach will bring peace
From the East, North West and South
Everyone will recognize the creator
And Moshiach will bring Peace

Only Moshiach will bring peace
From the East, North West and South
If we will it it is no dream
And Moshiach will bring Peace

Every day we see the news the hard times have not gone
Everyone wants solutions and we are also looking

There is no time to think. no time to dream we need help
So lift your eyes to the heavens and yell a very loud yell

So all of us stand together
We will live and overcome
With the love we have built between us
We will rise and awaken.

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